Tools to Make Social Media Marketing More Effective

Social Media Marketing

Who would have thought that social media would become such a major part of our lives, but it really has. Not only has it become a major part of our personal lives, but it is now becoming ever more popular in our professional lives.  Marketing a business or product through social media (and I mean ANY business) has proven to not only be effective (if used the right way) but it is also inexpensive.  More and more professionals are using this form of marketing rather than other traditional forms of marketing because they can really get a good sense of what their customer/client wants.  It is a direct way to stay in touch with the customer/client and really tailor the business or product to meet their needs.

Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

So, now that we know social media is a very effective way to market to our customers and clients, we now have to find the right tools to use our social media platforms successfully.

This is where things become a little more complicated, but the first thing to keep in mind is DON’T WORRY! There are so many tools available to help you manage and effectively use all types of social media to reach your clients.

Check out this article that I found that gives a whole list of tools we can use for our social media accounts: 22 Tools and Applications Used by Social Media Professionals

HootsuiteHootsuite One tool that can be used for social media marketing is Hootsuite. This is a tool that can be used to manage all your different social media accounts by just using one website. This tool makes it easy to view ALL your platforms at one time. You can even schedule postings to certain platforms for specific dates and times when you think your clients are most likely to see the post. This tool allows you to add any social media account to your dashboard and see all your feeds at one. It just makes life a little easier to go to one website rather than logging in and out of all your social media accounts on their own individual websites.

Check it out here: Hootsuite

Hemingway AppHemingway App Another tool that can be used in social media marketing is call the Hemmingway App. This tool is really cool because it helps make your writing more effective. It helps narrow down sentences that may be too lengthy, basically tells your if you are using passive voice, and even offers suggestions for better word choices. This tool can be really helpful to someone that is really trying to engage with their consumers in the right way. It sounds like a tool that someone might use when they are just beginning to use social media marketing, and HEY if it works, GOT FOR IT!

Check it out here: Hemingway App

Clearly, we can see that each of these tools are very different, but the point I am trying to make is that there are so many different tools out there that we can be using when marketing through social media to make our outcomes more favorable. It’s a new marketing world these days, so let’s all take advantage of this inexpensive way to promote ourselves and our businesses. Most importantly though, lets have fun with this!

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3 thoughts on “Tools to Make Social Media Marketing More Effective

  1. Amy,

    No one knew that social media would become as popular as it has. No one thought that individuals would become so dependent on it either. I believe that companies utilize social media as much as they do as opposed to traditional marketing is because it can reach many individuals within a matter of minutes around the globe. Traditional marketing takes time to reach the target market. It is almost a way of comparing it to the USPS (snail mail).

    I want to be honest. Before I started this class I had no idea the amount of different tools in the social media world. What was expected of us in class, I had to research first. I am glad that you provided some information regarding tools that can be utilized with social media accounts that can better serve our intended audience!


  2. That is too cool, thanks for sharing the Hemingway app information! I never heard of it and will definitely investigate it. Great Blog and the graphic make mine look like a “Nancy” cartoon in my simplicity.


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