Let’s Bank! Anywhere & Anytime!

What seems like just a few years ago, banks, teller liners, and teller the drive-through lanes were jam packed with customers; especially when it was pay day.  The banks customers had no choice but to wait in those long lines if they wanted to be able to cash their paychecks, but those days are long gone.  Again, we find ourselves asking the question, well what really changed?  People are still going to work and still getting paychecks.  So, why are the teller lines so much shorter? Welcome to our new mobile world where people need bank tellers less and less thanks to banks introducing their mobile applications.

The Mobile Banking App

Mobile Banking

The mobile banking apps are almost completely capable to doing any type of transaction.  Some of these apps are so high tech that the user of the app can deposit funds through mobile check deposit, transfer funds from account to account (even if the accounts are at different banks), person to person transfers, and even set up automatic payments for specific bills through bill payment options.  These applications can do all of this and it is completely secure for the consumers.  So, now you can really see why those long teller lines and drive-through lanes are so much shorter.  People can basically do all their transactions right from their mobile phone anywhere and anytime.  According to the article, What do people really want in mobile banking?, as long as the mobile banking app is secure, user friendly, and allows the user to customize the app to their preferences, it is going to be a hit.

Good or Bad for Business?

Because the mobile banking applications have allowed us to bank anywhere and anytime, the majority of banks have adopted this technology in order to stay competitive with each other.  Although the branch transaction counts are decreasing because the world is becoming more mobile, the mobile banking apps are good for business.  The applications provides consumers and businesses with flexibility.  For instance, if someone cannot get to the bank within normal banking hours to deposit a check, they have the ability to take a photo of the check with their Smartphone and deposit it into their account electronically.  No bank necessary (even if it is on a Sunday)!  These apps provide more convenience for bank customers, and the more that is offered to them through the mobile application, the more loyal they will become.  According to Borris Shiklo in his Forbes article, Mobile Banking: Exploring Trends For Market Leadership,  mobile banking customers actually bring in more revenue than branch only customers, which was proven in several different cases.

Mobile banking applications have set the bar really high.  So, now when someone is searching for a new bank, they are looking to give their business to the bank that gives them the best experience, and that includes their mobile banking experience as well.  Here are some of the best mobile banking applications.  Check them out and see which one of them suits you and your banking needs.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Bank! Anywhere & Anytime!

  1. amymilewski:
    I enjoy reading all your post and you are correct mobile banking is something most of us want and enjoy using. I use all my financial applications to check balances and to make deposits and perform other activities. Great post Adrienne


  2. Amy

    I think that this is a great post. Mobile banking apps are very convenient for people that do not have the time to make it to the bank it transfer money or even deposit checks. I think another reason that banks are not as busy is because a lot of people have direct deposit which is also more convenient. I use my mobile banking app almost every day, I love it. Again this is a great post, I enjoyed reading it.


  3. Hi, Amy! I really enjoyed your post. I LOVE mobile banking! I am definitely the one who can never get to the bank in time to make a deposit so I would have a stack a banking that would have to wait till I made it to the bank on a Saturday. But with my banks mobile banking I can deposit checks and everything, so now I hardly go to the bank. Which I guess is good an bad for the banking industry, I wonder if the apps have cut into the amount of people coming in the bank?


  4. Amy, I really enjoyed your post. I use my mobile banking app on almost a daily basis to check my balance and maybe move money between accounts, or to transfer money to others with the same bank as me, Navy Federal Credit Union. This app also makes it easy for me to pay my credit card bill by just transferring money from another account using the app. I definitely prefer the convenience this allows me, especially because the closest branch is about an hour and a half from where I live.


  5. Hi Amy,

    Nice Job! Mobile banking apps make the banking experience much better. In fact, when I was looking for a bank a while back, each bank I visited showed me their mobile app almost immediately. It stood out to me at the time that they weren’t trying to sell their experience, knowledge, and unique benefits, they were selling their mobile technology. Based on how much I use my banking app, it was smart move on the banks part. If it was great bank but had a terrible app, I would consider a lesser bank with a better app based on how easy it makes my life.


  6. Hi Amy,
    This is a great post and I enjoy reading it. I like being able to access financial records anytime, anywhere makes mobile banking appealing. I can check deposits, notice money transfers and monitor transaction history. Those actions give me a safety advantage, too. Moreover, there are also be more movement of funds and virtual wallets where I can make payments with mobile devices.


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